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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blog Race

At work we have all these fitness contests that are designed to keep the fat women on the seventh floor from dropping dead of a heart attack. But sometimes those of us who are not fat women like to participate in these fitness contests as well.

Currently I am participating in two programs - both involve adding up the minutes you work out every week and winning prizes. (I guess not feeling like a slob is not enough of a reward to work out.) We get gift cards or yardsticks (yes, for real) or teeny tiny bags that can, maybe, hold one pair of underwear and a deodorant stick (trial size).

Today I am going to start my own contest. I will compete against myself, and let me tell you I am going to be so pissed if I lose to myself. In this contest, I will attempt to visit as many blogs as possible while still appearing to work. I have a tally sheet next to me, and I'm going to visit as many of my favorite blogs as possible - making sure to leave comments. (Unless you are my co-worker, in which case the tally sheet is actually tracking the number of times I've scheduled training). You'll be able to track my progress by visiting the blogs on my blogroll. I'll start at the top and work my way down, which is always fun.

I have one disclaimer. I get distracted easily. So very easily. If someone rattles their car keys I will

(Something weird just happened. I heard it over the cubicle wall - but I can't explain it. Two people were having separate conversations on their telephones, but their conversations fit together as if they were addressing one another - Juju heard it too. We both just started laughing about it and now I will never finish that sentence above).

Okay, it is 8:21 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. I've already visited three blogs this morning:

New site - not really a blog - he is great: Toddicus

I found Toddicus by reading my friend Zeroes' blog: Death Rays and Doughnuts

Sometimes I forget Dan Renzi is famous, because he is really nice to me (nobody famous has ever been nice to me before, not to mention the fact that he sent me a Christmas card, which I just mentioned so I can't really say "not to mention it") but last night his name flashed across the screen at CC's. It wasn't porn. He was the On-Air host for some show they were airing. I think it was for a gay television channel. Club Channel or Club One or something? Anyway. Here's Dan's link.

It is 3:00 p.m. - I made it through 63 blogs. I left comments on almost all of them unless I couldn't think of anything witty or if Blogger messed up and lost my comment before I could post it.

Next time I try something like that I'm making sure I have a bottle of whiskey nearby.

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