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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Truck

My 2006 Toyota Tundra doesn't have a name yet. It's white, and it's beautiful, and it's all mine (in a few years).

I was going to name my new truck Madeline, after Madeline Kahn, who played Mrs. White in Clue. But, after driving him for only a day, I know he's not a she. My truck is a manly man. Now I gotta come up with a good name for him.

I already learned a lesson in driving a pickup truck. I went grocery shopping for the salmon dinner with maple brussels sprouts that I'm making tonight. I put all the food in the truck and drove the mile or so home from the store. I noticed a couple things blew out of the truck, but I was too hungry to stop and see what it was. Besides, I couldn't imagine what could possibly be blowing out of the truck since the groceries were weighing down the grocery bags, and I had the receipts in my wallet.

Now I am home and can't find the recipes for the salmon and maple brussels sprouts I brought with me to the store.

Oh. Oops.

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