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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gay Games VII

I bought my event tickets for the Gay Games this morning. It was pretty expensive, but I figure this will be an experience I'll remember forever. I want to support my friend Muscle Chick in her competition.

I'm so glad I have an onsite therapist at work. Juju was there to counsel me right before I purchased the tickets.

"I'm going to buy tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies at the Gay Games, but it's really expensive. What should I do?" I asked her.

Juju and I lived together for almost two years, so she knows exactly how to respond to me when I'm trying to make decisions. "Do you want me to convince you to buy them or try to talk you out of it?" she asked.

"Both. First tell me why I should, and then try to talk me out of it." As she was telling me the reasons I shouldn't buy the tickets, I started smiling. "You already know exactly what I'm going to do," I said.

"Yes, we both know what you're going to do," she answered.

Thank you, Juju, for wasting your time trying to weigh the pros and cons of a decision I had already made and was only pretending to contemplate. What a friend!

Tickets to Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Gay Games Chicago: $240

Airfare & Accommodations: $2000

Medal Ceremony for the Physique Competition (aka Hot Toddy's Husband Hunt): Priceless

Yes, that is an Asian bodybuilder right in the center of the photo. I consider this to be a sign from God.

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