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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Meet my new truck.

His name is Sven. He is parked in front of a place he likes to hang out.

Sven is very conscientious. Whenever Sven goes with me to happy five hours at CC Slaughters, he makes me hang out and drink lots of water before we can go home. He also told me he has a place for me to crash if I ever find that I can't safely drive.

I want to get a Swedish flag decal for the rear window. I am Norwegian, but I have this odd affinity for all things Swedish. That is how Sven got his name. I was inexplicably drawn to him. Yes, I will definitely speak to my therapist about this at our next session.

My mom loved getting pictures of the truck, but she was disappointed I did not send her pictures of myself. I usually don't like pictures of myself because I always think I look like a drunk hobo in photos. Here is an example of me as a drunk hobo.

My mom doesn't care for the photos where I am drunkenly leaning against a streetlamp in Tokyo. I only send my mom the pictures where I look sweet and Christlike. There aren't many of those pictures.

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