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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Go Ahead! Bring Your Kid to Work!!

As soon as I found out that today my office would be overrun with miniature versions of the people who drive me nuts on a daily basis, I scheduled a vacation day.

It is almost nine a.m. and, instead of listening to parents yelling at their kids to stop crawling under the cubicles, I'm sitting here at home in my polka dot flannel pajama bottoms and a green thermal underwear shirt. (No, I don't subscribe to GQ)

This morning I had time to read a couple articles in the latest issue of Poets & Writers. There is a man on the cover of the current issue, and he looks just like a Q-tip. (Meanwhile, at the office, kids across America are being handed reams of paper recycling and being sent to the shredder. I'm sure they can't wait to grow up and work in an office like Mommy does.)

After I finished reading articles about writing and publishing, I spent a couple minutes beating myself up for not writing more and for not yet publishing anything. Then, I updated all my podcasts in iTunes.

Next, I checked the latest World of Warcraft census, and I'll soon be playing WoW for hours. Right after I get my big mug of coffee and finish listening to The Instance podcast.

Later I'll go to softball practice and get some exercise and fresh air.

I am sorry for thinking "Bring Your Kid to Work Day" was a dumb idea; I take it back.

As a public service, the Jive translation of today's post can be found here.

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