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Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm so sunburned, and pretty worn out after two games yesterday. I had a great time, and I only got weepy one time. It happened when I saw the banner at the concession stand that said, "Welcome Back Rose City Softball!"

I mean, I am part of Rose City Softball. How could you not get weepy about that?

We lost both games. Now, let me repeat. I had a great time. And I share this loss with you so that when I write about winning, it will be that much sweeter.

Anyway, during the second game, after two strikes and three balls, I was at the plate hoping to get a hit. The pitcher had walked several of our players, so odds were sort of in my favor to get to first base. My team, The Cubs, was yelling from the dugout, "Make him pitch to you, Toddy! A ball is as good as a hit!"

So, I didn't swing at the pitch. And the umpire shouted, "Huuiah!"

I stood there, not knowing what to do. I tried to read the body language of the other players. What does Huuiah mean?

"What just happened?" I asked.

Many people from my team, and some of the guys in the outfield, responded, "You're out."

So, I guess Huuiah is another way of saying "strike!" I have so much to learn about this game.

Oh, and we lost to the Gay Men's Chorus. No offense to those of you into that sort of thing, but I thought we'd win for sure. For one thing, we have four lesbians on our team.

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