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Friday, April 14, 2006

Nightmarish Weekend

Most people have heard of the actor's nightmare. You find yourself on stage with no knowledge of what show you are performing or what your lines are supposed to be. I've had this nightmare many times.

Saturday night I'll experience a waking nightmare known as "The Writer's Nightmare". This event is like jumping without a parachute from an airplane. Then you land on a train headed straight for a painted canvas that looks like a tunnel but is really just covering a wall so you jump off and roll off an embankment into a canyon and land in a river inhabited by crocodiles. It should be very enjoyable.

I participated in the first nightmare a couple years ago and (somehow) created a scene based on the lyrics to a very strange song. My favorite surprise that night was that a Greek chorus found its way into my scene. That Greek chorus saved me.

What if I am not so blessed this year? What if the muse does not whisper helpful hints in my ear ("Use a Greek chorus, Toddy") this time?

My own personal writer's nightmare is that I will produce a script that goes something like this:

Two ladies and two men are standing on stage.

LADY ONE: Hi Joan. That is a nice dress.
LADY TWO: Do you want it?
LADY ONE: No thanks.

The ladies and men are silent for a few minutes. Suddenly, MAN ONE speaks.

MAN ONE: I want that dress.
MAN TWO: I want it too.

LADY ONE: Why would you want her dress?
LADY TWO: That is crazy!

Everyone laughs. They are silent for a few more minutes.

The End

If you're in the area and want to see me sweat, come on out. There will definitely be drinking afterwards.

As requested by Debbi, here is the link to the script I wrote two years ago when I participated in the event.

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