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Thursday, December 30, 2004


I never say "dude" unless I am totally blown away by something. For example, one night in my college dorm room, my friends and I were hungry for pizza. But we didn't call Domino's in time to place an order for the final delivery of the night. So my roommate went down to the lobby and waited for the pizza guy to show up. Then he pretended to be a customer, paid for some random person's pizza, and brought it back to our room. "Dude!"

I haven't used that word much since college. Only special occasions call for a "Dude!"

"Dude, I just had two hours of phone sex" or "Dude, I was just offered money to write a play!"

But here goes...


Okay, that is pretty cool. Thanks for the nomination. This calls for shot of Maker's Mark. But, really, what doesn't?

I have to admit, I'm surprised I wasn't nominated for best cooking blog. I did post a fantastic recipe for Sweet Potato Pie, after all. I even shared my unique views on food here.

Why wasn't I nominated for most inspirational blog? I mean, let's just pause to consider my volunteerism.

I wasn't even considered for the blog whore award. I thought I'd made my whorish tendencies known to all.

I haven't checked out the finalists for Best Weight Loss/Fitness blog, but I've covered that subject as well.

No matter. I don't mean to complain. It just comes naturally. Being a finalist for Best LGBT Blog is cool even though I don't know what LGBT means. It is probably something to do with cars. I'm fairly confident my expertise in the area of auto maintenance earned me this nomination.

Voting starts on January 1. Ever since I fled the cult I was in, I've had a hard time recruiting, marketing, selling, etc. I hate to seem pushy. So I won't be "campaigning for votes". Okay, I will just make one small pitch. If you vote for me, I will make out with you.

Like I wouldn't do that anyway.

And thank you, Pony, for designing my site. Part of this honor is due to your talent. But I've already made out with you, so you've already received your prize.

You can vote by clicking this handy button:

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