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Monday, July 11, 2005

Seattle Shenanigans

So, let's clear up a few things about my trip to Seattle last weekend.

Yes, it's true that I shouted out commands to pedestrians below my hotel room window in Seattle and also fought the evil Auburn Pisces with my Shirt of Death.

It's true that we enjoyed a great dinner and a couple fun bars with Jesse and his friend, Kelly. Jesse was exactly the way I thought he would be. He warned me a few months ago that he is shy, but I felt very comfortable with him. His warmth and kind spirit are a wonderful thing to experience, and I look forward to getting to see him again someday.

After reading her description of our weekend, I really can't think of anything AP may have left out. First of all, my memory is shot. Secondly, her account is more entertaining than mine would be. Auburn Pisces didn't mention my feelings on cantaloupe, but I'll let her write about that another time. Let's just say that there is only one thing I would hate to eat more than cantaloupe, and I revealed it to my friends last weekend. For a hint, see the first sentence of Juju's blog post.

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