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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, things are changing in my life. When I begin a new phase of life, I usually commemorate the moment by getting a haircut or deciding to go by my middle name instead of my first name. This time I am marking my life transition by moving Toaster Oven to a new URL. I will let you know when the new site is ready. In the meantime, keep popping in here for new entries.

I am attempting this without Patrick's assistance, as he is in lockdown today. (for Public Nudity or somesuch nonsense) By undertaking this project without my technical support person, I realize I am courting disaster.

I may be going about this all wrong, but my method involves copying every single previous post and republishing it to the new blog. This means that those of you who check references to your blogs may see a strange new blog popping up on your sitemeters/statcounters/whatevers.

The reason for the change will be made clear very soon. I am going to do a big dramatic announcement next week, and you'll be sufficiently let down by all the hoopla leading up to it, I assure you.

If you are a glutton for punishment and want to read old entries of mine, I suppose you can travel to my new site and catch up on my past exploits. You will have a chance to hear about my theft of four vegetarian chicken nuggets from the freezer at work. You will also see the calendar I wanted to buy for 2004 (which I never did), and you'll have a chance to giggle at my childish excitement over Final Fantasy X-2.

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