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Thursday, June 24, 2004

One More Drink

Andy and I had drinks at Hobos last night where our bar tab proved that Libras truly do repel money. Michael Vernon joined us briefly via telephone and was, as usual, highly entertaining. He called me "purdy" in that cute accent of his.

Andy and I work well together. He coached me on proper drink ordering (Don't say "One more drink" to the server or he'll close your tab...and we all know you don't really mean "one more"). Then I counseled Andy and helped him practice his affirmations when he ordered a huge salad he knew he wouldn't be able to finish. He seemed to have so much guilt about this that I wouldn't be surprised if Andy went to Confession this morning to beg forgiveness. He was also bothered by the fact that he was eating, and I wasn't. Oh, and he also asked if it would upset me if he ate chicken since I'm a vegetarian. Honey, you can eat chicken in front of me as long as I don't have to watch them kill it.

Andy is a pioneer. He started a "personal website" before blogs existed. And you really should read about how much he likes monkeys. That's the post that won my heart.

Yesterday was fun. I had a great time just writing my posts without worrying about entertainment value. And, yet, people still seemed to enjoy reading. That was a nice surprise. I've noticed lately a few new names popping up in the comments field. I always make a point of visiting the blogs of people who visit mine, so I will have to find time today to go check out some of these new websites. I already struggle to visit all my regular favorites every day, but somehow I'll manage.

I really would like to sleep with somebody this weekend. (The Handsome Prince isn't here to "filter" me at the moment...he would have begged me not to write that). When I say I want to sleep with someone I really mean sleep. I want to feel a man beside me in bed, and while sex would probably happen, that isn't my main desire at the moment. The problem is all the complications that come with having a man in your bed. It's hard for me to get a good night's sleep if I am lying next to someone who turns me on. I want to stay awake all night so I can enjoy it. (And with three final shows coming up, I really need sleep). Another complication with sleeping with someone right now is the whole "morning after" process. Do we want to do it again? Do you like me or was that just for fun? Are we still friends or are we more than that now? Are you going to tell everybody what we just did?

One person may have deeper feelings than the other person. Or the guy you slept with might be a freak who collects pens. Or he might be married and have to run home to his partner. Or he might consider himself mostly straight...not that I would know anything about that last example. Never mind. Forget I said anything.

Filters are for coffee makers, not toaster ovens.

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