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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Hot Toddy as Count Cassel (from Mansfield Park)

Planetary influences suggest the following for Librans during the next month or so...

In general, this is a rather idealistic time in your life, and you will want very much to actualize your ideals. But nothing will be handed to you now. You will have to work to achieve what you want.

This Libra, for one, is not excited about the prospect of having to work for what I want. This Libra enjoys handouts very much. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and couldn't sleep because I had an idea for a scene for Thrust. I wrote and rewrote the scene and sent it to Juju. She said, "I love how you say you can't think of anything to write about and that it's too hard. Then you get an idea and crank it out in less than a day..."

I have a weird way of working. I'm like a car that won't run unless you jump start it. Tongue lashings work well too. (mmmmm)

Your creative imagination is also stimulated by this influence. This is a good time for any kind of creative effort, particularly if it involves rather abstract notions. This influence operates in a rather immaterial way and is at its best when dealing with the abstract. Artistic creativity, especially in music and poetry, is favored during this time.

So, this is probably a good time for me to finish up the scenes I'm writing for Thrust. It's cool that I'm doing two different shows during this period. I have to say that the creativity seems to be somewhat limited. I don't feel my blogs have been highly creative lately. Nothing I've written comes even close to this level of genius, if I do say so myself. Anytime I just start posting lyrics to songs you can bet I'm feeling tapped for ideas.

The most negative side of this influence is that you may be tempted to sit around and daydream.

Oh, yeah. That will be a switch.

Reality may not seem as interesting as your dreams, but this is a time when you can work successfully to realize your dreams, so it would be a tremendous waste of very creative energy to just sit! Any course of action as described above would help you to become a more creative and happy individual. There is much potential in this influence.

Does karaoke count?

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