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Monday, June 28, 2004

Toddy's Choice

This was a weekend packed with activity. We finished our run of 10 Naked Men. What an unforgettable and wonderful experience. Hearing the enthusiasm of the audience and seeing people actually double over with laughter made for a memorable closing night.

Sunday at Peacock in the Park I had one last chance to feel famous as people traversed dozens of blankets just to come introduce themselves and let me know they had seen the show and loved it. I had such a great time at the park watching the show. I mean, how often does a guy like me get a chance to drink, flirt and wear a sarong? Actually, I guess I drink and flirt often, but the sarong thing was new.

I was going to wear a peacock feathered mask, but I thought only dorks would wear masks to the event. The Handsome Prince arrived wearing a leather mask confirming my theory. Actually he looked hot as usual. Balloon Boy did the huge balloon display for the show, so he staked out a great spot for us right by the stage. The only disadvantage to that was that everybody in the entire park could see me whenever I accidentally knocked a drink out of someone's hand, which happened more often than you would think. I'm usually so graceful. And by graceful I mean clumsy.

The party was exciting, and the show was lots of fun. Even if the act wasn't good, making fun of it was. The 87 year old woman who sang Copacabana was one of my favorites.

One truly horrible thing happened to me though. I was standing in line at the concession stand waiting to order a garden burger. Suddenly Ribeye approached me to say hello. The nazi crowd control person stormed up to us and told Ribeye to move along unless he was going to get in line for food. I pleaded with him, "I just want to say hi to my friend, Herr Crowdencontrollen!"

"No. You must choose," replied the cruel guard, "Food or friend. Which do you want?"

"I cannot choose! I cannot choose," I cried. Ribeye looked pleadingly into my eyes. This was the most difficult choice I have ever had to make.

I tried not to cry as Ribeye was dragged off, presumably to the crematorium. That garden burger was so good though.

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