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Monday, June 07, 2004


Last night, while talking with a friend during our photo shoot for Thrust, I was struck with the fact that I have the life I always wanted. That sort of thinking rarely strikes me. Frankly, I spend a lot of my life thinking that I need something more....

More money. A relationship. More travel. A better car.

However, last night I soaked up the energy of the creative people who surround me, and for a few hours at least, I was able to just enjoy myself instead of worrying about what I don't have. I am so fortunate to live the life I do.

The photographs were taken downstairs in the house to allow for a bit of privacy, as we were posing without clothing in some of the shots. Juju was coordinating the pictures and also enjoying her first experience having her hands on a woman's breasts. Our photographer is awesome. In fact she is the one who did my headshots, one of which appears here on my blog. Her work is great, and from what I saw of the digital photos so far, we have some amazingly sexy provocative pictures.

Upstairs, when we weren't being photographed, we chatted and drank wine and munched on chocolate and grapes. At one point I was talking to my friend about all the creative energy in the house. While the photo shoot was taking place downstairs, he was analyzing music at his computer in order to prepare a performance piece for his drum corps. I was playing piano and singing as I waited for my photos to be taken. My friend Sunshower was giving Reiki treatments on his table a few feet away from the piano. At one point Apollo and I did a kitchen performance of a scene from 10 Naked Men so our friends could see the amusing exchange between our characters. People were putting on erotic costumes and applying makeup in the bathroom. Others were downstairs posing nude or half-clothed.

What a great night. I felt like Andy Warhol surrounded by a legion of fellow artists in the Factory, except that I am not in charge of anything and didn't have any deranged women firing guns at me.

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