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Friday, October 22, 2004

I Heart Balloon Boy

Last night at the bar, I had a great talk with Balloon Boy, who recently did something very nice for me. I can't tell you what he did for me, unfortunately, because he won't let me. But, I'm really thankful to him.

Balloon Boy is a handsome man, as you can see, and he is completely content being single. Although he has many admirers and could easily have at least one boyfriend, he told me he is happy being by himself until the right man comes along.

Last night, I was way too pensive. I think I'm still stuck on the thoughts I wrote about yesterday. At one point my confusion was so profound that I called my voice mail and left myself this message:

"Be patient, Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven (great now I'm calling myself that too) and just have fun being single or kind of dating or whatever you're doing..."

I hope I get the message.

In order to further figure things out, I asked Balloon Boy for his help. He's the wise soul the Yum Yum Brotherhood counts on for good advice. I asked him questions about how to obtain patience and also quizzed him on the winning lottery numbers. He couldn't really help me with the latter, but he did give me encouragement about waiting for love to arrive.

As I said, I'm not exactly single right now, but I'm not exactly taken. I am seeing someone special, but there is no clear definition for our status. I'm in limbo. Limbo is a new place for me. I thought limbo was a fun state of mind where people drank margaritas and shimmied under bamboo poles while the song "Hot, Hot, HOT" played festively. That's not what this limbo feels like. This limbo feels more like sitting in a hard plastic chair flipping through Highlights for Children while waiting for the dentist to see you.

As he hugged me goodbye at the bar, I told him how much I respected him. "You are going home to sleep alone, and you're happy. I wish I could be like you," I said with tears in my eyes.

He held me tight. "Toddy, you are who you are," was his Yoda-like advice. "You just have to be where you are right now," he said sagely. Then he vanished into thin air.

Okay, he didn't really vanish, but he did leave me with something to think about. I want to be like Balloon Boy when if I grow up.

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