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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Yes on Measure 31

Since political posts seem to be in vogue, I'm going to chime in on a ballot measure Oregonians will vote on this November.

Actually, never mind. What a boring topic.

Let's talk about condiments. I was sitting at my desk eating a veggie burger patty when I opened my desk drawer and discovered there were no salt packets. For some reason, I have salt packets in the leather jacket I'm wearing today. So, thankfully, I did not need to get up and go to the breakroom for more salt.

I also have a bottle of ketchup at my desk and several mustard packets, so everything I need to enjoy this veggie burger patty is right at my fingertips. I'm going to lunch with Pony in an hour, but I was too hungry to wait.

So, please vote Yes on Measure 31.

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