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Friday, October 29, 2004

A Scary Halloween Story

The Math Whiz found a hatched spider nest in his sock drawer this morning. That story will definitely spook those of you who are scared of spiders even though you say you're not scared but that you just think spiders have bad attitudes.

By the way, Pony thinks I link to him every single day. Whatever. It's my effing blog.

Anyway. The Math Whiz was a little freaked out. I didn't tell him that I felt partially responsible. I have been saving the lives of spiders left and right. I am like Schindler except that I don't have a list. But I do bend over the bathtub with a toilet paper ladder and help trapped spiders climb out. Then I transport them to safety outside. I release spiders to the front yard, not to The Vortex, because Pony hangs out there and is terrified doesn't like spiders' attitudes.

You know who else likes when I link to him and actually thanks me for it? BoBo.

Where was I? Spiders. I think spiders should be allowed to live. But I prefer that they don't live in the house with me. Not that I am scared of them, but some spiders really are very ugly.

Oh, remember how I used to link to Crunchy every day? I'll bet you thought that was obnoxious. I still like him, by the way. He's very wonderful, and we still talk a lot, and I will always care about Crunchy. I just don't link to him every day anymore. I sort of just link to whomever I'm currently obsessed with, which sometimes makes me worried that I will find some sick bastard who just wants to date me so they can increase their blog hits.

So, spiders. Spiders are really beneficial if you want to keep other bugs away. I like that spiders will do my dirty work for me. What I mean is, I don't like to kill bugs of any kind. But there are some bugs I hate having around me. So the spiders, (which are naturally evil if you consider bad attitudes evil in which case I know several evil people) are like tiny hit men who bump off flying enemies or pests.

See, the thing I like about linking to people is that it allows me to show people I am thinking about them even if I forget to e-mail or call them. I usually never forget to call Pony, though. I just said "usually never" which is ridiculous.

I think I've lost the thread of this conversation. Did you know that The Handsome Prince had to use a typewriter at work yesterday in order to fill out Equity contracts for actors? A typewriter. You would think AEA could simplify this process by putting applications online or something. Maybe one of you developer type people should offer to help them out.

Wasn't that a scary story? See why I should never title my post until it's actually written? Because I never know how it will come out in the end.


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