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Thursday, March 24, 2005

For Superman

Because you get angry with me when I don't update first thing in the morning, I will post something to tide you over. I know you don't have much time and need to watch Regis & Kelly get on with your day, so I'll just share a quick thought.

I think that if a person is going to sell a product, they should know how to spell the name of that product. Ms. Karma shared a story with me this morning about a Tupperware party she once attended. The Tupperware Lady (yes, all caps - they are important people) was using a chalkboard as a visual aid (I don't know either) and wrote at the top of the board, TUPPERWEAR.

I've decided that's the most pathetic story I have ever heard. I almost cried. I can't imagine being a person who can sell Tupperware, but not spell Tupperware.

I wish there really were a product called Tupperwear. That would be good for rainy days in Oregon.

That's all I've got for now. But it's better than nothing. Or is it?

Juju, I will see you tonight at the Pure Rome Ants party.

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