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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More Apologies

The response to my offer of apologies to injured parties has been very good. By now some of you may have received e-mail apologies or at least a request for forgiveness in your blog comments.

Some of you have asked that I apologize to you for transgressions I haven't yet committed. That seems very unfair, but I apologize anyway. I am sorry I am going to hurt you. Please forgive me when the time comes.

Dirty Dan, I am truly sorry for not drunk dialing you. I am shy.

I would like to also issue another very public apology to Metro.

Two years ago he took me on the road trip of a lifetime. We went to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We shared a bed, and during the night he would spoon with me. As a straight (and very cute) boy, he feels deep embarrassment about this. As a gay (and very cute) boy, I am extremely proud that I spent several nights cuddling with Metro. Basically, I talk about it all the time. To anyone and everyone who will listen.

Metro, I am sorry that I brag about having been one of the lucky few to sleep in your arms. But at least I don't tell people about how I used to watch you do sit-ups in your Jockey bikini briefs while we were in our hotel room.

Well, until now.

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