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Monday, March 21, 2005

Playing Games

It wasn't as bad as you might suspect. Friday morning, after a night of St. Pattie's Day festivities, I wasn't even hung over. I actually woke up at 9 a.m. and jumped into my day with enthusiastic zeal. For me, enthusiastic zeal is expressed by making a pot of coffee and watching Popular on DVD all day. But it was a peaceful relaxing day, and I think it is important to spend an entire day in bed every now and then.

Thursday night I met up with some friends at CC Slaughters. The Toddtender put a green garter around my thigh, which thrilled me to no end. Physical contact with The Toddtender is usually out of the question since he has very strict boundaries about cavorting with customers. But he made an exception on Thursday and I felt his hands on my thigh for the first, and probably last, time.

The Present had a ton of fun too. He gave his gifts to someone else that night, making it clear that he and I are going to take the friendship route. I am sure we'll see each other often, since he is one of my favorite people to play canasta with, but I can no longer call him The Present since I won't be unwrapping him anymore. The Past is a great guy, though, and I hope we'll remain friends. Besides, my friends have fun with him, so he's going to have to stick around.

Superman and I went to see a play on Saturday night and had some drinks before (and after) the show. He is fun to be around. He is funny, but thinks he isn't, although he thinks he is funny to himself. Complicated, isn't it? He thinks he is funny but has the misconception that other people don't think he is funny, but he is funny. Never mind. It was awesome to see Juju and Metro as well. They love me, and I love them. Juju is my rock, I swear. After living apart for several months, we still whisper about boys together, since we can't discuss things over morning coffee anymore.

On Sunday afternoon, I hung out alone in The Vortex and watched birds and squirrels fighting. I had placed a bird feeder on a tree branch, and immediately a squirrel began feasting on it. Then a bluejay took dive bombs at the squirrel, apparently trying to knock the furry creature to the ground. I thought about intervening, but I decided not to interfere with nature. I kind of wanted the bluejay to win, even though I think squirrels are really cute. After a while, the squirrel gave up and left, but the bluejay left too, so I guess the whole thing was just a game for him.

At this point in my entry, I have a choice. Do I begin analyzing whether or not I was just a game for people who seemed genuinely interested in me, or do I finish writing about Sunday?

Sunday night I had a few quiet drinks with someone very special to me. He says I never write about him anymore. He's right, but we don't really see each other much anymore. Things have changed.

But you must know that you can be in my heart without being in my blog...

Update: The comments have been crazy today. I've had some great e-mails and phone calls too. Please note that I really never intended to upset anybody with this post. I can't control how people respond to my words, but I really had no malice in my heart while writing today's entry. Except for the part about hoping the bluejay would beat the squirrel. That was kinda mean.

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