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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Gay Marriage

What in the world could I possibly say that hasn't already been said? Check out this cartoon. The comment I hear over and over is that allowing gays to marry will somehow erode the institution of marriage. Okay, could someone explain that? By allowing everyone to marry, marriage will erode? So, if we let everyone vote, the whole process will fall apart. If we let everyone have access to books, nobody will value literature.

Marriage is not a resource that is going to run out. It's not an oil well. It's not a dirt road that develops deep ruts and potholes as more people travel it. Marriage is a relationship, and it baffles me that anyone would deny two consenting adults the right to make such a commitment to one another. Allowing more marriages doesn't erode the institution, it strengthens it.

I suppose if gays and lesbians can be in legally recognized committed relationships all those ridiculous claims that there is a "homosexual lifestyle" will be invalidated. Suddenly, gays and lesbians will resemble heterosexuals a little too much. It will mean that we somehow share the same capacity to love as straight people! What a concept. We'll be regarded as equals, and that would be dangerous!

If there is a crisis in marriage today, it is that most of them are so lightly entered into that at least half of them fall apart. Gays and lesbians are fighting hard for the right to enter into a union, and I just hope that we will value marriage when we are granted that right. Maybe we will show the world how it is supposed to be done.

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