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Monday, December 29, 2003

Scandal at Scandals

Thank god it's over. I am so ready to put the holidays behind me. It wasn't a bad time, but it's better when you have a boyfriend and dogs to cuddle with. Maybe next year.

I went to spend the holidays with my best friend Metro and his family. They were awesome. Even though I was, like, 2 hours late to dinner. I blame Andrew the bartender. See, I stopped to get a newspaper for Metro so he could have a copy of the review for a show he is marketing, and the only newspaper box I could think of in all of Portland was the one outside Scandals. So I sat down in the lounge, which is much nicer than the "main" bar. That is when my downfall began.

The bartender, Andrew, was writing drink specials on the board. "What is a 'Candy Pants'," I asked him innocently. Since he was trying to recall the ingredients but was not completely sure, he asked me to be his guinea pig and taste the drink. This was after several beers. See, I needed the beers because I was tired from getting the newspaper. A couple of Candy Pants later I realized I was going to be late getting to Metro's house.

If they were irritated, they didn't show it. And they gave me a bottle of Maker's Mark and a flask for my key chain for Christmas.

These people have some crazy notion that I am a heavy drinker. I can't imagine why.

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