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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Boring Blog Entry

This is what happens when I have a LOT I want to say on my blog but can't because I have to worry about who might be reading this. It's getting to be a problem, actually. The price of fame is high.

In lieu of candor and wit, today's post is a list of objects you will find on my desk at work. These are items in addition to the usual office supplies.

1. Swedish-English dictionary
I actually studied Swedish for three years just for the fun of it. I'm a weirdo. But I can tell you a little story about Pippi Longstocking in Swedish! Just ask...

2. Oscillating fan
Because I get hot.

3. Program from 10 Naked Men
That show ended June 26, and I still have the playbill on my desk for no reason.

4. Wooden Turtle
My boss brought it back from Mexico and gave it to me. I didn't ask for a wooden turtle. Then again, I didn't ask to be born, but you can't always get what you want. You get what you need. Apparently, I needed a wooden turtle.

5. Neck massager
I never use it. A friend gave it to me after she painted my name in purple letters on the side. The massager is made of wood and is painted to look like a ladybug or something.

6. Purple Chinese takeout container filled with pens
I like the shape and interesting design of Chinese take-out containers.

7. Plastic Buddha with cellphone and espresso
It squeaks when you squeeze it.

8. Plastic pitcher with water
I drink eight glasses a day! More if I went to CC Slaughters the night before.

9. Postcards to send to some NYC bloggers
I keep forgetting to ask for their addresses.

10. Putty
Because I get hot.

11. Swedish Maypole
Not life-sized. It is a tiny maypole I bought from IKEA because, as I said, I'm a weirdo.

12. Wedding Invitation
My friends Russ and Carolyn are getting married at Lake Arrowhead in California this November. It will be nice to attend a wedding where I haven't actually slept with...never mind.

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