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Monday, August 30, 2004

Pillow Talk

One of my favorite things about sleeping with someone, besides the obvious benefits, is talking late into the night. Snuggled under blankets and talking about our days and crazy plans and fun memories...

Last night I had a wonderful talk in bed and told him how much I missed my dog. I talked about my weekend and he listened to me ramble. I told him how much I want someone to love. And I looked over at the vacant pillow and wished somebody were really there listening. I've now resorted to late night talks to an imaginary boyfriend. It may be time for me to think about getting professional help.

I did actually have a real life conversation with Pony this weekend. We lounged around in his stable on Sunday, and I got to see an exposed front end. Of a Mustang. Not a pony - a Mustang. We watched OverHaulin' together, and they fixed up an old Mustang. I keep saying Mustang over and over because I want to prove that I know about cars. This is important to me because yesterday I sounded like such an idiot when I told Pony that my car had a six horsepower engine. The conversation went something like this:

Toddy: It's cool that you know so much about cars. All I know about my car is that it has either a four or six horsepower engine.

Pony: Are you serious?

Toddy: Yeah, I think it's four horsepower but I'm not sure because I lost the manual.

Pony: Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven, there is no way your car is four horsepower. That would be, like, a lawn mower engine.

Toddy: Do you think I have over 100 horsepower?

Pony: Probably.

Toddy: Wow. Well, I must have mixed up horsepower and volts.

Pony: Okay, I won't ask if you're serious, because you obviously don't know anything about cars, but what are you talking about?

Toddy: My car has four or six volts.

Pony: Sorry?

Toddy: It is a 4v or 6v car.

Pony: I think you mean V4 or V6. That refers to cylinders, not volts.

Toddy: (After an embarrassed silence) I'm sorry I make fun of your spelling. I'll stop.

[Note to self: Watch more OverHaulin'. Preferably with Pony.]

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