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Friday, August 27, 2004

Vague Memories of Last Night

Wow. Free Makers Mark at a hotel downtown and lots of beers at karaoke. Here are some things I think I might remember from last night. If you can help me fill in the blanks, let me know.

1. I think I won a trip to Sun Valley for skiing or something.
2. I got a free shot of Makers Mark for dancing with the bartender.
3. I drank three or four glasses of whiskey at The Embassy Suites.
4. I was standing in between stacks of chairs talking on the phone to Bob or Crash or Patch?
5. I think I sang three or four songs at karaoke. I think I sucked.
6. I might have groped somebody at karaoke.
7. I called Jaden to wish her blog happy birthday and sang some sort of pirate song.
8. My car wasn't at my house this morning. I think it is in the parking garage here at the office. I should really go check soon.
9. I think I gave Juju $120 last night for July bills at our old house. I might have flirted with Metro, her boyfriend.
10. I told someone I would hang out with them on Sunday. If it is you, please let me know.
11. The Midget took a bunch of pictures of me and Pony and promised to send them to me for my blog. I think we might have looked hot in these pictures.
12. My friend Lady Starbird shook her booty and sang an awesome rendition of Baby Got Back.
13. I gave backrubs to a couple girls.
14. I ate Taco Bell.
15. I tried to give more tip money to the bartender, and she told me I had already tipped her too much.

I wonder if all of that stuff really happened. It seems like a lot for one night.

And now, I'm off to a Birthday Party.

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