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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things I Learn from Watching Alias

If you've just been bitten in the neck by a drug-crazed psychotic and, although your blood tests show that you're not infected, you start hallucinating that spiders are crawling out of your tea, which has turned to blood, and then you find out the infection may not initially show up in blood tests because it acts like a dormant virus for a little while and so you take your temperature and could swear the thermometer says your temperature is 112 degrees, which is impossible to survive, and, right before you go on a mission with two other agents involving guns and life-threatening situations and one of the agents is your father and the other is your boyfriend and they ask if you are okay because you gasped and jumped back right after you imagined a man blew his head off in front of you, but a second later you realized you were hallucinating again...

Don't answer, "I'm fine."

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