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Monday, February 14, 2005

Under the Weather

What does it mean to say you are feeling "under the weather"? If you are feeling healthy, does that mean you are "over the weather"? How do you get over the weather? Cause I guess I am under it right now, so I need to schedule a hot air balloon ride or something.

One of my pet peeves is reading blogs where the writer just posts an entry that says, "I'm sick in bed *cough*" or they write about all the various symptoms of their ailment and go into detail about prescriptions and talk about body fluids and describe their stomach problems. I won't put you through that...

I stayed in bed all weekend, so I don't have very many crazy stories about boys and bars and parties and stuff. Remember when Nellie Oleson pretended to be paralyzed and never left her bed? I felt like Nellie Oleson this weekend, except that I wasn't faking my bed-ridden state just to get Laura Ingalls to do my homework for me. I mean, I don't even have any homework, so what would be the point of trying to get Laura to do it for me?


In spite of a lonely boring weekend of being sick in bed, I do have some things to discuss with you. If you like my sense of humor, or at least appreciate the things that I seem to find funny, please run, don't walk, to your nearest video outlet and get your hands on season one of the WB show Popular. I watched Popular all weekend. If I wrote for television, this is the kind of show I would write. The writers were still trying to find their niche in the first five or six episodes, but by the seventh episode the series became a satire of WB teen dramas. It is like a teenage comedy for 35 year-old gay men. The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, who also created Nip/Tuck, is hilarious (and gay) and packs the show with over-the-top characters, campy references to pop culture, and smart dialogue. Still need more convincing? If you liked Tina Fey's movie, Mean Girls, I promise you, you'll enjoy the show. I just ordered season two today and can't wait for it to arrive next month when it's released.

I enjoyed Pua's nuts as I watched television. They remind me of my mother's recipe for Christmas "sugar plum ring" coffee cake. Maybe you can recreate my weekend by buying a bag of nuts and getting a copy of Popular. You won't regret it. Yum...

Speaking of things that make you go "yum...", did you see Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown with Scott Wolf? I don't really care about poker, but I certainly care about Scotty. I had to watch the show for a couple hours just to stare at him. I would be happy just watching him read a grocery list. Since I haven't seem him for awhile (no, I don't watch Everwood and don't plan to), I forgot what a crush I had on this hunk. It was so nice to be reunited with an old flame. I think he almost healed me with his dimples last night.

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