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Friday, November 05, 2004

My Next Job!

I'm so excited! The Food Network is looking for someone to host a cooking show!

We've heard it a million times: You want your own Food Network show.
Here's your chance!

Tell us why you should win your very own TV series by sharing your
view on food and preparing your signature dish through a 3-minute
video pitch. Stay focused, be yourself, and give us a taste of your

Completed applications and VHS tape/DVDs must be received by November
30, 2004.

I'm halfway there. I've got a signature dish: Annie's Mexican Macaroni & Cheese with Smart Dogs.

Here are some notes I'm making so that I can really convey my view on food in a three minute audition video:
1. Food should be prepared by a roommate whenever possible.

2. Food should come in a box and be something that can be left unattended on the stove as I drink wine in The Vortex.

3. Food must be able to stand in the pot getting cold for three hours or more as I continue drinking wine in The Vortex.

4. Frozen vegetables prepared in a microwave are easy to make and will definitely keep overnight should you forget to remove them from the microwave.

5. The best wine to drink while cooking is Charles Shaw Merlot.

6. Maker's Mark is really good to drink as you make dinner too.

7. All vodka is good. Potters is cheap and good.

8. Have you ever had a mojito? Those are awesome.

9. I wonder if someone will buy me a Maker's Mark when I visit New York City next month?

10. It would be so nice to get laid soon.

11. The Smart Dogs can just be thrown in the pot for about a minute before the macaroni finishes cooking. Then just drain through a collander.

12. I wonder who gave me that yellow collander I have? It seems like it belonged to me and CT, but who can remember?

13. Gin works too.

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