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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This One's For You

I might be psychic. Or psychotic. Or something.

I had a strange sensation as I sat in The Vortex on Saturday night. I felt someone, but I don't know who it was. It was a strange sensation. I was feeling a bit lonely, and then the thought came to me that someone "out there" was lonely too. I could feel this person's loneliness distinctly. It was almost as if this person was sitting next to me and telling me about the pain they felt.

I started thinking about the people who read Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven. I know several of my readers personally. I work with a few of them. Several are actors in Portland. Some are friends who reside in New York, Missouri, Ohio, Louisiana, California...

But there are so many who read anonymously. I am sometimes shocked that I average over 200 hits a day and yet only know about a couple dozen regular readers. I would like to know more of you. Especially if you're going to infiltrate my thoughts without telling me who you are!

If you were reading Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven on Saturday night and were feeling lonely, maybe it was you I felt. Is that weird?

Icicles - by Patty Griffin
From the album "Impossible Dream"

I sing soft and low
Just like the moon
Over the snow
I hear icicles falling in the dark

We're just like anyone else
We just want a little bit
Of sun for ourselves
And a little bit of rain
To make it all grow
Maybe a minute or two
To get lost in the glow of love

There's always someone throwing matches around
Waving the shiny new knife
The first to run when the house burns down
I've seen it everyday of my life
I must confess there appears to be
Way more darkness than light
I want to fall like a pearl
To the bottom of the sea
There no one will find us tonight

It might look pretty bad
We might lose everything
We thought that we had
But shadows will pass
Smoke, it will clear
If something survives of us around here
I'll be glad 'cause I know
I was lost in the glow
Of love

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