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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New York Questionnaire

It turns out that getting from the airport to Manhattan will only require a couple dozen trains and 13 or 14 transfers, so I'm sure I'll be ready for a nice cocktail once I get settled in.

So, I need to get a quick tally. Who is buying me a drink in New York? I want to know how much money I need to bring.

If you plan on buying me a drink this weekend, please respond to this short questionnaire! You can e-mail me the answers or just leave a comment. I appreciate your feedback, because it will help me prepare financially for this trip.

1. Are you buying me a drink in New York this weekend?
2. I don't want to create a financial hardship for you. Are you sure you can afford to buy me a drink?
3. Well, is there someone you can borrow money from?
4. Maybe you can sell some of your used books or old clothes?
5. I appreciate your generosity. How close is your apartment to the bar?
6. Would you ever consider moving to Oregon?
7. I don't blame you. Does your apartment have room for me to move into it?
8. Can you get me a job in New York?
9. May I have another drink?

Seriously, I am looking forward to this trip. It will be so great to see so many people who I've come to know through their words. And I really want to remember my conversations, so I need to watch how much I actually drink. Will I see you in New York? Let me know if you'll be there (if you haven't already)!

Oh, and thanks for this, Patrick!

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