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Friday, April 09, 2004

Another Late Night Musing

Here is the second in the series I began yesterday. The third piece may never see the light of day, because it deals primarily with the subject of "bungholes". Bungholes are mentioned a LOT. And I just don't know if I'll ever publish that kind of smut here.

As you'll see below, my intellect was taking a crushing beating from my libido at the time of this writing. I tried to hold it together, but all pretense went out the window as I took a leap from the issue of gay marriage to contemplating the hotness of one of the guys at the bar.

Late Night Musing #2

Hot Toddy:
I wish I weren't a Martian. I don't feel I fit in. My mother is from Mars.
My father is an earthling.

Handsome Prince:
My mother is a Venutian. That makes
me and my sister Venutlings. Yes we are
ostracized and people beat us up

Balloon Boy:
It's incredible how far we've come since then, when civil unions
used to be a risky dream and now, when we'll settle for
no less than full marriage rights.

We all deserve the right to register at Crate & Barrel.
God, X is hot when he dances. Maybe I will marry him.
But he is immature and kind of stupid.
He has a nice body though

Handsome Prince:
his earlobes hang down to his shoulders.
That kind of sucks, if you know what I mean.

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