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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Kind Souls

Today I am going to take a break from talking about myself. Sit down and stop woo-hooing. Nobody makes you come here and read the Toaster Oven, do they?

Okay, anyway, today I have been touched deeply by the kindness of several people, and I want the focus to be on THEM instead of on ME. (God, this is killing me, but I figure what goes around comes around...)

First of all, thank you Bobo, because you did something so nice for me today. You wanted to make sure I had fun in Cleveland, and thanks to your kindness, my trip just became a bit less stressful. I hope I can do the same for you someday.

Thank you, Rob Byrnes. I know you are not having the best day, but I loved receiving your book and am about halfway through it. I'm loving it, but I want to save the rest of it for my plane trip. So, I'll be thinking of you while I fly across the country. I'm glad we're friends, and that we're so much alike we've decided that "I am You and You are Me".

Thank you AuburnPisces and Sarah - my co-workers who help me every single day in so many ways I can't begin to list them. You make the workday much brighter. (Why the fuck am I not writing Hallmark cards for a living? Oh, right. Cause I say things like "why the fuck".)

One of the kindest souls I have ever encountered recently painted a tiki mask for a sick friend and sent it to her. Although he's never met her, this is just the kind of thing he does.

Okay, so I got through an entire post without talking about myself, and I'm going to see this show tonight.

Oops. I tried.

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