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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Really Gay Shallow Post

I like to irritate Famous Author Rob Byrnes. And I know how to do it.

Here goes my trainwreck.

God, these past two days have been exhausting. I wrote about motives and racism, and frankly I fear for the survival of my inner Anna Nicole Smith's superficiality.

So, for something completely different today. I am going to talk about ME and all the shallow thoughts flitting through my pretty little head.

Cause I never ever do that.

Important Topic #1 - My Hair
My hair is growing. Isn't that weird?

A few weeks ago my work buddy AuburnPisces asked me why I don't cut my hair so that it looks like my Hot Toddy photo. So I checked in with the Yum Yum Brotherhood to get their advice.

Marco said, "No. Don't cut it. You have a whole Ashton Kutcher thing going on." Dude, that was the most awesome thing you could have said. Even though you have had some really bad haircuts.

So, taking the advice of the gay man over the lesbian (sorry Auburn), I have been letting my hair grow and grow. Today I think I just passed from "surfer boy" into "rock star".

I look messy and crazy and wild. In two separate conversations today, I was in the middle of a sentence (most likely talking about myself) when the person I was talking to interrupted me and said, "Your hair looks awesome," or "I'm liking the hair".

Normally if someone interrupts me, I will chastise them. But if they interrupt me to talk about me, that's cool.

Don't you love when your hair is working for you? I do. And I love Ocean Waves by John Frieda.

Important Topic #2 - My Body
Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I went and had a body composition test done, and I lost another 1.69% body fat in the last 6 weeks. Five and a half yucky pounds of fat are gone. Banished.

I can "safely" lose another 15 pounds. (How much can I unsafely lose, I wonder??)

I'm not obsessed with the gym or working out. Ask anybody who knows me. But I remember the day three and a half years ago when I found out my body fat was 42.18%. So, although I can't be a hunk of the day, I am happy to be at 15% for now.

Important Topic #3 - Buy Me Stuff
One last thought...
If I created and posted an Amazon wishlist like Male Librarian Centerfold, would people really buy me stuff and send it to me? Or would I have to be a centerfold?

I am not saying MLC is shallow, because I check out his blog from time to time (gallery photos) and he isn't shallow. He is smart and a librarian. And a centerfold.

I will post a wishlist if you buy me stuff. But I would totally never do that for any of you.

In an effort to sabotage any possible future happiness (cause that's what I do), I told Crunchy that I am a narcissist. He doesn't believe me.

Maybe after he reads this post he will.

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