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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Work Research

Because so many of you (ie., nobody) asked me to post another IM exchange I shared at work with my friend Ribeye, here is our chat from yesterday. Enjoy the many links to horribel speling!

Ribeye/... I need better work friends
Ribeye/... all of mine are so into "working" lately

Hot Toddy... I'm trying to work right now.

Ribeye/... yeah, that's what they usually tell me. must happen to you a lot too

Hot Toddy... It does. It is hard to be a go-getter.

Ribeye/... tell me about it

Hot Toddy... I am researching national healthcare practices and best standards right now
Hot Toddy... And by national healthcare practices and best standards, I mean blogging.

Ribeye/... what are your findings?

Hot Toddy... I feel that we need more penguins involved in healthcare. This is just a theory at this point. I have more research to do of course.

Ribeye/... you could revolutionize the industry and win a pulitzer prize at the same time

Hot Toddy... That would be awesome. Especially if I also got free cheese quesadillas at Taco Bell for life. Isn't that part of the prize package for a Pulitzer?

Ribeye/... i think so

Hot Toddy... Wait - isn't Pulitzer a kind of organ?

Ribeye/... i thought pulitzer made pianos

Hot Toddy... No - wait - Pulitzer is a gun, I think.

Ribeye/... yeah, so maybe you just win a gun with a lifetime supply of bullets

Hot Toddy... If you do a search on google for "so much awesome" and "asshole" you will find my blog. That makes me proud.

Ribeye/... "... Me love to stick tung up guy asshole. ... definitly be slipknot, Slipknots the greatest
band and there awesome. ... out with soulfly because max just kicks so much ass ... " that's one of the results I found

Hot Toddy... It is a fascinating study. And all for national healtcare blah blah blah

Ribeye/... healtcare is impotant

Hot Toddy... healtcare IS important. I can't find anything on healtcare though. I have searched a million times for healtcare and nothing ever comes up. Weird, huh!

Ribeye/... whoa, i found quite a bit
Ribeye/... cigna apparently offers healtcare

Hot Toddy... Yeah i just checked too - kinda scary
Hot Toddy... This company recruits healtcare professionals:

Ribeye/... see? you really weren't working that hard in your search
Ribeye/... your pulitzer may be at stake

Hot Toddy... I think I will search for other bad spellings now.

Ribeye/... you can still try for the Nobel Peach Prize in Penguin research
Ribeye/... Which apparently Adolfo Perez Esquivel won in 1980

Hot Toddy... What! you googled that - oh my god

Ribeye/... that's one great Peach

Hot Toddy... That is SO wrong

Ribeye/... My favorite is "Peace Women who've won the Nobel Peach Prize."

Hot Toddy... Seymour Hersh won the Purlitzer Prize.

Ribeye/... hahaha
Ribeye/... well
Ribeye/... Phallus Jerkins was presenting that evidence

Hot Toddy... Some people win a Purple Hart if they are brave in battle. Great site name - marinestuff.com

Ribeye/... Purple Hart - it's a big stuffed purple deer

Hot Toddy... Help. I can't stop! If you want an apartment in Mississippi that has teleevision, here you go!

Hot Toddy... Here is who I want to help me find a dentist

Hot Toddy... Dude this is so blogworthy

Ribeye/... hahah
Ribeye/... you're so homesexual

Ribeye/... William Tan is a homesexual.
Ribeye/... he's really into houses

Hot Toddy... I am only into guys when I am at home
Hot Toddy... I seriously can't stop now. Latest search: "I am not ignorent"

Ribeye/... results?

Hot Toddy... Too many to list

So, I have a new addiction... seeking out bad spelling on the Internet. If you find something funny, let me know!

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