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Friday, May 28, 2004

Amish Booty

Okay, it's official. I have no privacy. Every detail of my life is exposed.

Famous Author Rob Byrnes tells people what I do at work all day.

I mean, what I don't do.

The Executive tells people what I do after work.

Do I even need to blog anymore?

Hey, I heard that.

I'm going to keep blogging just to spite you.

So, regarding last night...YES, I made a pact that after rehearsal we would have ONE drink at Aalto Lounge and go home. Two long island iced teas and three vodka cranberries later, I found myself at a bar called (yuck) Porky's. It was queer night, also known as (again, yuck) BOOTY.

I had never been there, but the invitation to go was extended by the cutest three boys at Aalto. What could I do? So, I went to experience a world outside Thursday Night at CC Slaughters.

At BOOTY, I felt like an Amish person in a strip club. I was easily the most conservative person in the room. I do not put stretchy things into my earlobes to make them more floppy, and I don't have tattoos on my skull or five piercings in my right ear or tongue or lip (or anywhere). And I don't own a single black t-shirt sporting the name of a goth band (which is probably not even an accurate description of the musical genre), nor do I have funky hair.

Okay, my hair is cool. But that's it. It's messy and blonde and longish. However, I know that I am in no way cool to this crowd. They are too cool for me, a gay guy. In fact, they are too cool to label themselves as gay. They are "queer", because somehow that is less of a label than "gay" or "bisexual".

I pretty much stood around and took in the scene. The music was seriously great, and I didn't have to buy drinks (thank you Michael). It was painfully clear as I stood there that these were not "my people", but they were cute kids. And really sweet, in spite of their attempts to look all bad ass.

I was sure I was invisible, because of my Amishness, but right before I left this cute young girl with eight lip piercings stopped me and said, "Hey! You have dimples!! I like dimples!"

I went home feeling pretty cool in spite of my unpunctured/inkfree body.

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