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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bon Voyage

The first blog entry I ever wrote expressed my hope that nobody would read this blog.

I'm glad it hasn't turned out that way. I'm enjoying new blogger friends and inspiring a few of my friends to start their own blogs. I am having a blast writing about all aspects of my life. Some of my topics are silly or mundane. Some are significant or profound, to me at least.

Tomorrow, I will have the experience of actually meeting another blogger in person. Connecting with Patrick has been a really incredible experience, but something about who he is requires that I meet him, so I'm following my heart.

When I first broke up with CT, I posted a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt on my bedroom mirror. The quote was, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do," and I knew I was living that quote every day for those first few lonely months.

It is great to find a quote that inspires you, but it is even better to feel as if you are really acting on those inspiring words. I feel grateful to be going on a great adventure (even if it is Ohio), and I wanted to share some of these quotes with you:

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi

"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us." - Marcel Proust

"The best roads of all are the ones that aren't certain." - Bruce Cockburn

"Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark." - Agnes De Mille

"He that would have the fruit must climb the tree." - Thomas Fuller

There's a fruit in Cleveland waiting for me, so I must go. While I'm gone, please go worship and enjoy some of the bloggers I've listed in my list of links. I will try to update from Ohio, if I get a chance.

Who knows?

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