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Friday, May 28, 2004

I Hate My Friends

This just arrived in my e-mail:

To: The Executive
From: Balloon Boy
CC: Hot Toddy

Hi BoBo:

It was good to see you at Slaughter's last night - it was a fun night
wasn't it? I appreciate you coming to find me, not like that Snot Toddy
who went off to lick someone's Booty or something. Not that I missed

Have a great weekend, Bobo; I'm thinking we'll go see "The Day After
Tomorrow" on Monday evening - I'll keep you posted.


Never one to take an insult lying down, I sent this response:
To: Balloon Boy
From: Hot Toddy
CC: The Executive

Hi Balloon Boy:

I think you accidentally copied me on this message, you idiot.

While you were on the phone last night asking me to join you at CC Slaughters, BoBo was sitting next to me shaking his head vehemently. He whispered "we are NOT going to meet that freak," and I was rather shocked at his distaste for you.

But I went along with BoBo's wishes, and he betrayed me. I would have gone to CC's, but then I was invited to go to Booty. I later found out that BoBo gave those boys $12 each to invite me just so he could spend time alone with you.

Go see that movie another time this weekend, because Juju and I want you to come over on Monday night for a little pre-karaoke soiree. She is sending out an invite soon.

And be careful who you copy from now on. I swear, sometimes you are as dumb as BoBo. (If you tell him I said that I will deny it).

My Mean Friends
The Handsome Prince, BoBo (The Executive), and Balloon Boy

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