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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Words of Wisdom

What a nice surprise. The man I spent seven years of my life with is now pursuing a career in modeling. This is the same man who struggled to develop self-confidence and felt embarrassed to take off his shirt in front of me?

If he gets work, I want a cut of his profits. I invested so many hours counseling him, telling him he was beautiful, putting him on a pedestal and showering him with affection, I feel I am entitled.

Or, he could at least give me back our dog.

"There's always a contest with an ex. It's called, "Who Will Die Miserable." - Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

I refuse to lose this contest. I am going to become a model too. Here is some advice juju gave me:

Honey...we all make choices in this life based on what is most important to
us...you could be a model...but if that's what you wanted to pursue it would take cutting other things out (drinking, salt, going out all the time...etc) is that what you want? If it is you need to make some changes...if not then start looking at all of the
things you have instead of what you wish you had.

You have AMAZING friends who love you! You has this tremendous gift with
words! Use it! (I don't think it is your goal to be famous...but if it is,
I can see it happening, but again, you need to put the work in) You have
had such a colorful history and so many exotic experiences...you life has
been so full! Please don't forget that, just because your stupid ex has his
picture on a website...he has nothing...he is a pile of dust...a pile of tears...Todd you have so much more heart!

Okay, okay. I need to grow up. I want him to be happy. The last thing I said to him when I walked out of our house was, "Grow and be happy." And it looks like he is trying to do just that. I never really wanted him to be miserable, but I wish I could have been around to bask in his newfound confidence. And it would be fun to say, "my boyfriend is a model!"

Who am I kidding? I'm not going to be a model. I appreciate juju's words, but...

Dude, I am SO not giving up salt.

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