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Monday, May 17, 2004


My weekend consisted of the following:

1. Developed pictures of my visit with Crunchy
2. Looked at pictures of Crunchy (average: 8 times daily)
3. Drank Vodka
4. Slept
5. Rehearsed for a show I'm doing this summer
6. Showed pictures of Crunchy to friends
7. Drank Beer
8. Fell asleep trying to watch tv
9. Thought about Crunchy everytime I used the ketchup he sent home with me
10. Did something I shouldn't have

This week SHOULD consist of the following:
1. Pull myself out of my Cleveland reveries and focus on where I am and who I am
2. Write sketches for "Thrust" (summer late night show)
3. Begin work on a play I've been commissioned to write a play for a local theatre
4. Get back on a steady workout schedule
5. Mow the lawn
6. Clean house (or at least make my bed ONCE this week)
7. Memorize lines and review blocking
8. Don't do anything I shouldn't
9. Write a letter to Venus, Goddess of Love and put it on the blog
10. Try to eat at least one piece of fruit this week (yuck - fruit)

If I can get some of this stuff done, I will feel like I've earned the right to play around and attend two parties next weekend. If not, I will still play and party, but I will be doing it so that I forget about all the things I did not do this week.

And the one thing I did last weekend that I shouldn't have.

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