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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Nothing So Constant

Yes, yes, I know you hate my site design.

We're working on it. And when I say "we're working on it" I mean "someone else is working on it".

Soon you will experience a completely redesigned Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven, and you'll love it. I promise.

The past few months have been a time of great change for me. My mom used to say "There is nothing so constant as change," all the time. I asked her to stop, but she kept saying it. Then I threatened to move out if she didn't stop saying "There is nothing so constant as change," but since I was only six I wasn't sure of the bus routes and had to stay in her house listening to her talk about the constancy of change for a few more years.

Anyway. She was right. Recently I blessed The Handsome Prince by moving into his house. One thing I love about our house is its fascinating history. Did you know that brilliant scientists once lived in our home!? It's true! I recently discovered that the reason all the windows in our garage are painted over is because there were secret experiments taking place in the "Meth Laboratory". I don't know much about Meth research, but it sounds very important. I'm proud that our home was used to conduct this impressive work.

As if the history of our home were not impressive enough already, a neighbor just told me that some acrobats once lived there too. Apparently these young ladies turned tricks at the house. I'll bet they were female Cirque du Soleil members who used the house as their home base. And I'll bet they invited neighbors over to the backyard (now known as The Vortex) to watch them twist and turn and do their amazing tricks. I wish I had been lucky enough to see them perform.

Someday maybe when The Handsome Prince screws up royally and can't pay his mortgage and they take the house away from him, I hope some other nice people move in and say, "I can feel the energy of the former residents. There was a lot of love in this house. I'll bet a famous blogger once lived here."

Oh, if these walls could talk...

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