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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Vortex Weekend

Late afternoon on Sunday, I stepped out in front of my house, blinked my eyes against the glare of the sunlight, and realized I had spent all day in The Vortex. Everything looked so different and so new in front of the house. I rushed to get the pizza and hurried back to safety of The Vortex as quickly as possible.

The Vortex, if you haven't been paying attention, is the covered patio in our backyard. This is where we play cribbage for hours, listen to Patty Griffin and, much to The Handsome Prince's dismay, country music and dance mixes sent to my by other bloggers. We drink whiskey and beer and vodka and gin and wine in The Vortex. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in The Vortex. We suck our friends into The Vortex so they can't leave. If you sit in The Vortex, you won't want to get up ever again.

Friday night we had a spontaneous party in The Vortex. AuburnPisces and Pony were there. Of course The Handsome Prince and his boyfriend The Math Whiz were there. If you were there and I forgot to mention you...sorry. And tequila made an appearance, although it was only a dress rehearsal for Saturday night in The Vortex. For, on Saturday night, Tequila stole the show, my sobriety, and my virginity. Tequila stole my innocence. The Executive, bless his heart, actually mistook me for someone else. He seemed concerned that I was drinking too fast and suggested I slow down. Isn't that cute?

Pony was back for the party on Saturday night too. He didn't get much benefit from my tequila stupor at all. While Tequila made me quite amorous, it also made me quite prone to passing out. Poor Pony. I made it up to him later.

So, why did I cheat on whiskey with that slut, Tequila? I wanted something new. Something different. I'm only human. Hopefully, whiskey will forgive me and let me come back to him.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. I finished a draft of my play for Cold Comedy Concoction. That's huge, folks...Also, I had pizza with friends (in The Vortex, of course) and did lots of reading there too.

In regards to my tequila stupor, should I clarify how I made it up to Pony? I took him to dinner, of course.

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