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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I didn't know what to write about today. I just walked by my co-workers desk and she griped at me for not posting. AuburnPisces calls Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven her "bible", and she reads it every day. So I decided that today is the day to write about her and let you know what kind of friend she is. Especially since she is bitching about needing me to post.

Why I Love AuburnPisces:

1. She surprises me. When I first met her at work, I hesitated to tell her about my wild nights (they happen now and then) and karaoke parties. I pictured her sitting at home with her cats every night, and I didn't want to make her jealous. Then one day she casually mentioned going to a flogging demonstration. Turns out she is active in the Leather Community (don't you love how EVERYTHING has its own community now? Blogger communities, Knitting communties, Bathhouse communities). AuburnPisces spends her nights (and lunch breaks) in wilder ways than I ever will.

2. She saved my ass. Earlier this week, AuburnPisces went to the Director of Security, Daddy Warbucks, at our company and told him I was being treated poorly by our boss, who we call Sherlock LowWatt (an ex-navy female golfer). It's true. I was. But I try not to rock the boat, so I was going to let it go as usual. Well, I no longer work for Sherlock LowWatt, thanks to AuburnPisces. Daddy Warbucks has always been rather protective of me since the days I started at this company as his Administrative Assistant. Now, once again, I work directly for Daddy Warbucks. He immediately contacted HR and had my status switched so that I report to him. He is the kindest boss I've ever had. I'm luckier than lucky now. Thanks to AuburnPisces.

3. She comments on my blog every day. I can hear her laughing at my stories from over the cubicle wall. She begged me to put Tuna Meltdown back in the "Laugh at Me" section.

4. AuburnPisces gives great advice and listens to me. We take breaks together at work (along with Ms. Karma - who totally rocks and will get her own blog entry one day). Our breaks keep us sane. We crack each other up. She's helped me through Crunches and 80 Percent Straight Boys. She's listened to "Bo" stories and, lately, Pony stories. She's seen me cry over my dogs, and I've seen her cry too. She's laughed at my stories of The Handsome Prince.

AuburnPisces, I don't know why it has taken me so long to write about you. But I'm so glad I met you.

I love the way we take care of each other, and I love you.

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