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Monday, September 27, 2004


My, my, at Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender.
Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way.
The history book on the shelf,
Is always repeating itself....

Saturday night was a celebration. A month after my first date with Pony, I returned the favor and took him out for a night on the town. Although we've been spending a lot of time together and even went away for a weekend, this was our official "second date", so I was relatively sure I would get to second base with him - whatever that is.

After dinner at one of my favorite actor hangouts, Pony and I went to see the big surprise event. Amazingly, I was able to keep the concert a secret until moments before we entered The Crystal Ballroom to see Bjorn Again, the ABBA cover band. As we were waiting in line, Pony was searching for clues and suddenly saw, hanging in a window, the poster advertising the event.

It was a great night, and our voices were horse, er...hoarse, after a night of singing along. The choreography was the dorkiest thing I've ever seen, but I'm pretty sure these moves were authentic to ABBA's style. I took advantage of a couple of the slower songs to pull him close to me, but mostly I just glanced over to enjoy watching him smile and sing.

After the concert, we went to a party thrown by one of Pony's friends. There were some shocking moments and some memorable encounters with party-goers. One young lady, who Pony understates "was very forward" was convinced her strap-on dildo was bigger than Pony's real deal. She felt compelled to conduct research to confirm her hypothesis. Sad, really, how deluded she was.

There were lots of other surprises in store for me that night, and I had the time of my life. I still don't know what "second base" is, but I think I may have gotten to at least third. Whatever. It felt like a home run to me.

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