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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

2005 Bloggies

The 2005 Bloggie Award site is back up. I just received a very friendly e-mail from Nikolai Nolan, the coordinator of the awards. He apologized for the bandwidth problems, and I definitely think he was coming onto me. He claims his note was sent as a mass e-mail, but I know the emoticon at the end was a special smile for me. Besides, he mentions bandwidth, so I'm thinking he wants to buy me a ring and is trying to figure out my size.

He must have read my post from earlier today. I wonder if he likes wrestling...

You can go here if you want to vote for these awards. I am currently in the midst of reviewing the other sites, and am so impressed. I printed off a bunch of the articles about blogging, so I could vote for my favorite and so that my housemates would think I am nerdier than they already do.

Last year I checked out the 2004 Bloggie nominees and was really envious of these people who gained recognition for their writing, photography, etc. I had only been blogging for about a month and wrote mostly silly entries about karaoke, liquor and boys. (Do you see how far I've come?) I never imagined I could be one of the nominees because there was no category for "Best Attention Deficit Disorder Blog".

So many great blogs were nominated - kinda makes me paranoid that Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven was nominated as a joke. If I win, I'll be looking up in the rafters to see if John Travolta is hiding up there waiting to dump pig's blood on me.

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