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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Vortex Boys

This morning I was about to play an Indigo Girls DVD as I got dressed for work, but before I could push the play button, I heard the opening "conch call" of Survivor. The Math Whiz and The Handsome Prince had the television on in their room, and I shouted out to them in the kitchen, "Survivor!?"

"There are hot guys on Survivor this year," yelled The Handsome Prince, and we all scrambled into their bedroom to sit on the bed and watch the special preview. I imagine the three of us resembled The Simpsons clamoring to get a seat on the couch during the opening credits.

Our lust for footage of beautiful male bodies was definitely satisfied. As THP says, Survivor Palau promises "the hottest of the hot". As we sat there drooling over Ibrehem, I thought about how much I wanted him to take me from behind I love my housemates.

The three of us regularly have such funny conversations, especially as Dolly takes us to work. One person will make a statement and, before you know it, we're each adding our two cents, building one long joke that makes the trip to work highly amusing.

For example, The Handsome Prince and The Math Whiz were teasing me in the car this morning. I had lunch with a cool guy yesterday, and I told The Handsome Prince about how much fun I had. Then he told his boyfriend, The Math Whiz. But because I never personally discussed the lunch with The Whiz, he was prying for details from me.

Whiz: I think this morning on the way to work we should all talk about our lunches for the past day or so.
(At this point, I started blushing a bit)

Prince: I had pizza and some fruit. And the day before that, I had a sandwich.

Whiz: Okay, I had a burger with Rob and Kenny. Those are the people I had lunch with.

Prince: Oh, I get it. I see what you're doing.

Toddy: Okay, okay. I had lunch with someone. But I have to say that I love the fact that The Handsome Prince actually thought you wanted to hear about what we ate, not who ate with us...

The rest of the way to work I talked about lunch yesterday. I will gladly share the details with you. I had a veggie wrap.

Moving on...

After we passed a certain house, The Handsome Prince gasped, "Oh my god. That's horrible! I could see through the front windows of that house and someone had painted 'HELP ME, HELP ME' in red paint on the living room wall!!"

"That's kind of weird," I said.

"What if someone is in trouble? I think I will call the police," he said, in all seriousness.

"Yes. Call the police. I'm sure someone is about to be killed and their soon-to-be murderer is standing there waiting for them to finish painting the second 'HELP ME' on the wall," I said.

"Hang on, Killer! I need to dip my brush again," added The Math Whiz. (Get it? Added? Math Whiz?)

In my opinion, the best friends in the world are the ones who make you laugh. I adore people who spark funny conversations and know how to highlight the humor of living. I'm lucky to live with two such people, and I love them both.

My friend Auburn Pisces (another friend who cracks me up regularly) shared some thoughts on love at her blog today. Once again she and I are, as our dimwit boss would say, "on the same plate".

Just a reminder to vote. A few more days, and I will never speak of it again, unless I am nominated next year for Best Abstinence Blog.

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