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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Strong Shoulders

My best friend has such strong shoulders. I found that out last night as he sat next to me on my bed. I put my head on his shoulder as I cried. He is awesome, and this morning he made fun of me for breaking down last night. I love our relationship, and that he teases me about anything and everything. I feel completely safe with The Handsome Prince. In the midst of sobbing last night, I started laughing and said to him, "I'm so glad I can act this way in front of you. Nobody ever sees me fall apart quite this much..."

Then, this morning, I sat in The Vortex and began making absurd fake sobbing noises to draw his attention. He just laughed at me, as I intended. Then he told me after I went to bed last night he called all my friends on the phone and told them what a big baby I was. He's kidding. I hope.

The Handsome Prince and I are there for each other. All. The. Time.

You know, in spite of my earlier post today, I have to say that the handsome man who wounded my pride yesterday is a really, really good man. He has a kind heart. He loves me, and I know he wants the best for me. I am bitter and hurt, but it isn't his fault. He did nothing wrong. If only he weren't so awesome, I wouldn't care if he were falling for someone else or not. I want to have strong shoulders and bear up under this relatively minor heartache. In light of brave strong people who fight much bigger battles, I just don't want to whine anymore.

I'm feeling better than I was this morning. Sometimes it helps to just pour out my thoughts here and then move on. Besides, lots of great things are happening in my life. First of all, the official BoB Winners were announced. Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven was voted #1 GLBT Blog, which means I'll have to start blogging more Transgendered posts, but, I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I feel special. Not "special needs" special. Just special. Congratulations to all the winners.

Another amazing development in my life is that, I was offered the position I applied for at my company, in spite of the fact that I joked about calling in sick my first day during the interview. The job pays significantly more than my current position. My job interview was yesterday morning at 9 a.m., and I had an offer by 3 p.m. Isn't that amazingly quick? That's never happened to me before.

As if things weren't great enough, I now have my own theater and tanning salon in Blogdom, thanks to Dantallion.

Thanks to all of you who wrote me nice e-mails this morning. You're all awesome.

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