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Monday, January 17, 2005

Bored Games

Saturday night me and my housemates stayed in and played board games. Portland had an ice storm, and the roads were treacherous, so all three of us were stuck at home. We took advantage of this rare occasion to pull out some games and have a party with just the three of us.

The Math Whiz was insistent that we try out the Sex & The City Trivia Game that Auburn Pisces bought us. I've been afraid of that game ever since I read a couple of the questions to see if they were hard. Since I can't remember to blow out a candle before bed, I had serious doubts about remembering which newspaper Carrie Bradshaw writes for. To add to the confusion, we were playing the trivia game while intoxicated, so we had to read the instructions over and over again. This is pretty much how the entire game went:

Toddy: Whose turn is it?

The Handsome Prince: You are always after me. I just went.

Toddy: So, it's my turn? Wait! I forgot to move my piece last time.

The Math Whiz: No you didn't. Remember, you were accidentally moving it backwards on the board?

Toddy: Right. So it's my turn.

Prince: Just roll!!!!

(Todd takes a drink of whiskey and rolls the die)

Whiz: Toddy, here is your question. What color was the scarf that Carrie wore on that one date with the guy who was quirky and that one funny situation happened?

Toddy: This game is ridiculous. I don't know. I'll guess "seven".

Prince: Wrong!

Toddy: Now what happens.

At this point all three of us consulted the directions to read, for the hundredth time, that my options were to dispose of a Lifestyle Card or draw a new one. Each time one of us answered a question, we had to check the directions. It wasn't complicated, really. But in the alcoholic haze of our living room, playing Sex & The City trivia seemed like rocket science. After more frustrating questions about things like "the name of the person Charlotte gave her dog to" or "who snored in LA", we gave up. The Math Whiz was so disappointed. He loves Sex & The City Trivia. I can't remember who won. I'll guess "seven".

We also played "Compatibility" and discovered that I am more compatible with The Handsome Prince and The Math Whiz than they are with each other. So we packed up the game and had a threesome.

Not really. Instead we ate Jerk Pork (Jerk Veggie Burger, in my case) that made us choke when it was cooking because it was so spicy. While The Handsome Prince cooked, The Math Whiz and I coughed and choked and laughed at the intensity of spices.

As we ate, the three of us watched Margaret Cho's "I'm the One That I Want". A phone call interrupted our viewing, and one of us came back from the phone call sobbing. Bad news for one of The Vortex Boys. The two of us who weren't crying united forces and The Power of Three defeated the evil lurking sadness demon. Once the demon was vanquished, we went back to watching Margaret Cho.

I love a good ice storm. I love being stranded with people who make me laugh. In my opinion, any good night at home should involve drunken board games, spicy food that makes you choke, great comedy, and a few tears wiped away by people who love you. My life is good. Really good.

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