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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I received an awesome drunk dial this weekend. It must have been fifteen minutes long, and it made me laugh out loud when I finally listened to it Sunday morning. It's too long to transcribe, but let's just say I got a complete rundown on Jaden's weekend. I can't wait to party with her soon.

Actually, I'm having a "lucky streak" or something. I have so many reasons to be happy today:

1. I had a fantastic time at a party this weekend.

2. I'm not going to elaborate on my fantastic time, because I'm finally starting to learn from my past mistakes. I guess I don't have to blog every detail of my life...

3. I celebrated The Politician's retirement party on Sunday night. Some of us Yum Yum Brothers sat together and made fun of people. We did not make fun of The Politician, of course, (I only do that to his face) but some of the toasts were just begging to be mocked. Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early due to a certain drunken handsome prince who couldn't sit upright in his chair at the dinner table. But I am so proud of my friend, The Politician, and was impressed by the number of people in attendance for the event. If I retired right now, I'd have, maybe, eight people at my party.

4. I received a CD in the mail from my friend Jeff.

5. The sweet mother of The Math Whiz clipped out a review of my play and mailed it to me. She enclosed a note that said, "Make sure you send a copy of this to your Mom - proud to know you - will look forward to saying 'we knew him when'..."

That thoughtful little note and gesture launched fifteen minutes of weepy gratitude. Some people are just so kind that all I can do is cry when I think about it.

6. The Cold Comedy Concoction is selling out, by the way. There have only been two performances that did not sell out, and those shows were still very well attended. I want to write more plays. I'm almost feeling confident enough to actually call myself a playwright. Almost.

7. My best friend, The Handsome Prince, scraped the ice off my car this morning. He takes great care of me. I can live with the fact that he grabbed the ice scraper out of my hand and said, "You're really bad at that," while I was scraping my windshield. The important thing is, he ended up doing the work.

8. My friend, Buffy, is pregnant. She and her husband have been trying for a few years. Also, she has always wished I would call her Buffy, so I know this post will make her happy. Not as happy as having a baby, I'm sure. But it will make her smile.

9. Lately, I've been getting to know a lot of new people who have dropped by to visit Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven after seeing the nomination here:

(Does it count as "whoring for votes" if I just sort of casually mention that you can click that button to vote for me? You don't have to. I don't care. But if you want to, you can. You probably should. But, whatever.....Please?)

10. Last night, a wonderful thing happened: The new SIM I created, Will, learned to vogue. Will vogued for hours last night. Then he learned how to belch fire. Will and I are going to have a lot of fun together in the next few weeks.

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