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Monday, January 10, 2005

Agony. I Need Ecstasy.

Today will be miserable. I will be in so much pain by the end of the day that I will be craving morphine. I am about to endure torture like you wouldn't believe.

No, I am not having dental work done without painkillers. I am going to be in an ALL-DAY MEETING.

I'll have no access to the blogs and e-mails that keep my sane all day at work. I will be confined to a room with people who want to know what I am doing with my time every day. While my fictional accounts of my job performance exercise my imagination and help generate ideas for novels I may write some day, I don't enjoy pretending to care about my job. They will also probably forget to order a vegetarian lunch for me, so I'll just have to eat the apple and the potato chips that come with the roast beef sandwich.

Oh, the agony. And I'm all out of Ecstasy today.

As a sidenote, my super smart Blogger spellcheck feature suggests that maybe I meant "Binuclear" instead of "painkillers". So helpful, that spellcheck. Yes, I am having dental work done without binuclear today.

Do you feel sorry for me today? You could vote for me. It might help.

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