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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Gay Wedding Factory

No more cute titles making use of the word "funner", I promise. I don't know why I did it. Sorry. Chalk it up to wedding fever.

One great thing about living in the Gay Wedding Factory known as Portland, Oregon, is that I am suddenly coming into contact with more than a few brilliant local bloggers. My top source of information regarding the recent events has been Worldwide Pablo. If you would like some actual news to supplement my attention deficit-driven color commentary, I suggest you visit his blog. You'll also found some great links to photos of yesterday's celebration there.

Having located an informative and intelligent source of information for you, I now I feel I can safely return to my warped and completely useless narrative. Whew. The pressure is off! I worried yesterday that people might actually want real information from me given that Portland was suddenly the center of a national controversy. I felt like Geraldo Rivera only not as dorky.

Just about 400 couples obtained licenses yesterday. The county could probably have processed more, but we're talking about gay people gathering en masse, so the partying and socializing probably slowed things down a bit. Don't you love the way a party breaks out whenever you gather gay men and women together? Flags and music and rainbows and love and laughter...how often does the Multnomah County Courthouse see that kind of joy from people waiting in line?

My roommate is not gay, but you won't find many people more supportive of gay rights than juju. She taped all kinds of stuff for me yesterday so I could watch news footage when I got home from work. When she saw a clip of two women getting married she shrieked, "I want to be a lesbian and get married today!"

This summer juju and I met downtown for the PRIDE parade. She was standing on the corner yelling, "We want a gay community center!!" when the community center advocates marched by. I love having someone like juju in my corner. It's like living with Margaret Cho, who does so much to fight for the rights of all.

Yesterday was a long day, and the next few days, weeks and months promise to be exhausting. We still have a fight ahead of us, but I feel as though there is a reason I am here in Portland, Oregon at this particular time in history. I am not getting married, and I don't know whether or not I ever will. I'm just standing up for what is fair. We Libras are all about fairness.

To cap off a great day, HE called me last night. I guess I didn't scare him off yet.

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